Which zone is Stanmore?

A station on the London Underground is called Stanmore. It is the northernmost stop on the Jubilee line; Canons Park is the next one in the direction of Central London. The station is in Travelcard Zone 5 and is located on the south side of London Road, which is a part of the A410.

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A station on the London Underground is called Stanmore. It is the northernmost stop on the Jubilee line; Canons Park is the next one in the direction of Central London. The station is in Travelcard Zone 5 and is located on the south side of London Road, which is a part of the A410.

Which zone is Colindale in? In Zone 4, Colindale is in the middle of a triangle formed by Brent Cross to the east, Edgware to the north, and Harrow to the west. A bigger regeneration zone, which will eventually result in the construction of thousands of new dwellings, includes this region of north-west London.

Why does the Circle line exist? Basically, it travels along the same path as previous lines

In a recent article, we asked readers to choose one Tube line that they would abandon, and Londoners chose the Circle line because it shares its whole route with other lines.

Why is the Circle line no longer a Circle? The inner circle was not finished until October 1884 as a result of conflict between the two corporations. In 1905, the route was electrified, and the firms merged to form the London Passenger Transport Board in 1933. The Circle line initially appeared on the Tube map in 1949 as a separate line.

What time is the last Tube in London? Trains on the London Underground typically run from Monday through Saturday from 5 am to midnight. On Sunday, business hours are slightly shortened. On Fridays and Saturdays, night tube trains run on various lines all through the night.

Is Notting Hill safe? For London, Notting Hill has a high rate of both violent and property crime.

Is Bayswater Road London safe? Bayswater is quite acceptable; in fact, there is a very lively nightlife scene in and around this area, with many cafes and restaurants staying open until late and being frequented by both Londoners and tourists. This is because of the region's sizable Middle Eastern presence. Due to this, it feels "secure" even late at night.

What neighborhood is Marble Arch in? The region of Mayfair that is located around the well-known Marble Arch is one of the most visited areas of London. The enormous, marble-covered monument, which serves as the gateway to Buckingham Palace's courtyard, was planned and constructed in 1827 and has stood proudly in the heart of London ever since.

Are London tubes safe at night? How secure is the nighttime London Underground? In general, nighttime transit on the London Underground is secure. Crime rates are low, and many underground trains are packed with people until at least one in the morning every night. Every inch of every underground train is covered by CCTV cameras.

Are trains safe at night? Keeping safe on the night train

Although commuting by rail at night may seem risky, it's usually just as safe as doing so during the day. You might have some luck finding a ticket for a train that has a sleeping carriage.

Is the Tube or bus safer at night? Safe to ride the tube at night? Have street smarts about you. I'm in my 60s and have always utilised public transportation at all hours of the day and night, frequently when I wasn't completely sober, and I've never had a problem.

When was Edgware built? Approximately 1803 saw the construction of Edgware Place, which was located in the village at the intersection of Watling Street and the current Manor Park Crescent.

What time is the last Northern line? Timetable & Stops for the North (Updated)

Overview of the Northern Tube Timetable: is typically operational from 00:06 to 23:58. Every day is a typical business day.

Which line is Marleybone? The southern end of the Chiltern Main Line to Birmingham is also known as London Marylebone on the National Rail system. In Transport for London's fare zone 1, the Bakerloo line has an equivalent Underground stop between Edgware Road and Baker Street.

Is the Northern line running today? There are no upcoming construction projects or closures.

Can I park at Edgware station? Nearer to the station, there are a few metered parking places. There are no limits on weekends or other hours. On occasion, the station's parking lot fills up early in the day.

Is there car parking at Edgware station? Although there is limited off-street parking located about 10 minutes' walk from the station, Edgware itself lacks a tube parking garage. Our neighbourhood Edgware expert, Gil57, should see this and reply. The alternative would be Stanmore, which has a sizable parking lot, at the terminus of the Jubilee line.

Can you park outside London and get the tube? For people who reside outside of London and desire a quick and simple trip into the city, Transport for London parking lots are perfect. Park your car, then board the tube. Numerous parking lots are situated in easily accessible areas close to the termini of tube lines.

Where do the rich Arabs live in London? Knightsbridge. Let's start with London's most popular Arab hangout! The posh neighbourhood of Knightsbridge is well known for its Arab residents and Arab tourists, but until I visited recently, I was unaware that most of the residents are from the Gulf States.

Where do the most Arabs live in London? There is a large Arab community in central London, mainly in the area around Edgware Road, which includes SW1, NW London, W2, and W1. The Borough of Westminster is one of the most costly places to reside and has the biggest concentration of Arabic speakers in the city.