Edgware Road: A Walk Through History with Its Famous Figures

Discover the rich history of Edgware Road and the famous figures who have left their mark on this iconic London street. From ancient Roman times to the vibrant multicultural hub it is today, join us on a fascinating journey through time.

Claire Pringle
10:19 AM, Jun 8, 2023

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Edgware Road, a major thoroughfare in London, has a history that stretches back to Roman times. It was originally part of the Roman Watling Street and has seen countless historical figures and events throughout the centuries. Let's take a walk down this iconic street and meet some of the famous figures from its history.

The Romans and Watling Street

Before the Romans, Edgware Road began as an ancient trackway within the Great Middlesex Forest. The Romans later incorporated the track into Watling Street, a major Roman road running from Dover to Wroxeter. This road was a vital artery of the Roman Empire, and it's likely that many famous Roman figures would have travelled along it.

The Huguenots

During the 18th century, Edgware Road was a destination for Huguenot migrants. The Huguenots were French Protestants who fled France due to religious persecution. They brought with them skills in various trades, particularly silk weaving, and contributed significantly to the British economy.

Thomas Telford

In 1811, the renowned civil engineer Thomas Telford produced a redesign for what was then known as a section of the London to Holyhead road. This redesign was considered one of the most important feats of pre-Victorian engineering. Telford's work on the road would have shaped its course and appearance for many years to come.

The First Indian Restaurant

Edgware Road saw the establishment of Great Britain's first Indian restaurant in 1810. This marked the beginning of the UK's love affair with Indian cuisine, which continues to this day. The restaurant was likely a meeting place for many notable figures of the time.

Arab Migrants

The area began to attract Arab migrants in the late 19th century during a period of increased trade with the Ottoman Empire. This trend continued with the arrival of Egyptians and Iraqis in the 1950s, and greatly expanded beginning in the 1970s due to events including the Lebanese Civil War, the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and unrest in Algeria. Today, Edgware Road is known for its vibrant Middle Eastern community and is often referred to as "Little Cairo" or "Little Beirut".

The 7/7 Bombings

One of the two Edgware Road tube stations was one of the sites of the 7 July 2005 bombings. A bomb was detonated on a train leaving the tube station, killing six people. The perpetrator was the ringleader of the 7 July bombings, Mohammed Siddique Khan. A memorial plaque to the victims was unveiled at the station on the first anniversary of the bombings.

Edgware Road has seen a lot of history and many famous figures have walked its length. From Roman soldiers to Huguenot migrants, from famous engineers to the first Indian restaurateurs, and from Arab migrants to the tragic victims of the 7/7 bombings, Edgware Road is a street that tells a thousand stories.

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