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Our articles delve into a wide range of topics, including local history, housing trends, social issues, and more. We shine a spotlight on the local businesses that add character to our neighbourhood, explore the diverse communities that contribute to Edgware's unique character, and provide insights into the local real estate scene.

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Latest News

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Latest House Prices in Edgware: A Comprehensive Overview

Claire Pringle
12:15 PM, Jun 8, 2023

If you're interested in the Edgware housing market, whether you're a potential buyer, seller, or just a curious observer, it's essential to stay updated with the latest house prices. this article provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Edgware housing market,


photography of Big Ben in London during daytime

Edgware Road: A Walk Through History with Its Famous Figures

Claire Pringle
10:19 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Discover the rich history of Edgware Road and the famous figures who have left their mark on this iconic London street. From ancient Roman times to the vibrant multicultural hub it is today, join us on a fascinating journey through time.
bridge near city

The Politics of Edgware: A Local Perspective

Claire Pringle
10:12 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Dive into the political landscape of Edgware, exploring the roles of local councillors, the impact of national politics, and the issues that matter most to residents.
two people standing in front of silver fence

Walking Through History: The Story of Edgware's Oldest Streets

Claire Pringle
10:05 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Journey through time as we explore the rich history of Edgware's oldest streets. Discover the origins, transformations, and stories that have shaped our community.
Underground signage

Housing Crisis in Focus: Edgware's Response and Solutions

Claire Pringle
10:03 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Dive into the housing crisis in Edgware and explore the local responses and solutions. Understand the challenges, initiatives, and strategies aimed at addressing this pressing issue.
closed yellow door

Support Local: A Spotlight on Edgware's Thriving Businesses

Claire Pringle
10:00 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Discover the vibrant local businesses that make Edgware a unique and thriving community. From quaint cafes to bustling retail shops, we're shining a spotlight on the establishments that add character to our neighbourhood.
Big Ben, London

Rent vs Buy: Making the Right Housing Decision in Edgware

Claire Pringle
9:57 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Explore the pros and cons of renting versus buying in Edgware. Understand the local market trends, average house prices, and factors to consider when making your housing decision.
high-rise buildings

Profiling the Diverse Communities of Edgware

Claire Pringle
9:54 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Explore the rich tapestry of communities that make up Edgware. From religious groups to cultural societies, discover the diverse and vibrant communities that contribute to the unique character of Edgware.
brown pavement road between trees and house during daytime

Picture Perfect: The Most Scenic Street Views in Edgware

Claire Pringle
9:50 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Explore the most picturesque streets in Edgware, from lush parks to charming neighbourhoods, and discover the beauty of this London suburb.
gray cruiser board

Property Spotlight: An Analysis of House Prices on Edgware Road

Claire Pringle
9:47 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Dive into the dynamic real estate market of Edgware Road, exploring the factors that influence house prices and what potential buyers should know.
landscape photo of concrete building

The Hidden Gems of Edgware: Uncovering Local Parks and Recreational Areas

Claire Pringle
9:42 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Discover the hidden gems of Edgware as we uncover the local parks and recreational areas that offer a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.
women forming heart gestures during daytime

Understanding Edgware: Key Social Issues Impacting Our Community

Claire Pringle
9:38 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Explore the key social issues impacting Edgware, from housing and health inequality to education and community safety, and understand their impact on the community.
London Eye carriage above river during daytime

Renting in Edgware: Your Comprehensive Guide

Claire Pringle
9:34 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Navigate the rental market in Edgware with this comprehensive guide, providing essential information on property types, prices, transport links, and local amenities.
man on top of building

Edgware Uncovered: A Detailed Guide to Edgware Streets

Claire Pringle
9:30 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Journey through the streets of Edgware, uncovering their history, significance, and the role they play in the life of this suburban town in North London.
landscape photography of Big Ben under white sky

Navigating the Market: A Deep Dive into Edgware House Prices

Claire Pringle
9:26 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Explore the dynamic housing market of Edgware, North London. Understand the trends, prices, and factors influencing the local real estate scene.
church between mirror-curtain buildings

Discovering Edgware: A Suburban Gem in Northern Greater London

Claire Pringle
9:19 AM, Jun 8, 2023
Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Edgware, a suburban town in northern Greater London. Discover its unique character, significant landmarks, and the diverse community that calls it home.